magnet electrical case studies

Case Studies

Hilton Hotel, Dubai UAE.

Air Source Heat Pumps

5 x 95kW Air Source Heat Pumps installed on the hotel swimming pools for heating and cooling of pools during winter and summer respectively

Hilton Hotel, Durban South Africa

Water Source

3 x 76Kw Water sSource Heat Pumps supplying the hotel domestic hot water system. The waste cooling stream is utilised to supplement building chilled water system

Brand house Diageo

Air Source Heat Pumps

Brand house Diageo

3 x 95Kw Air Source Heat pumps installed on the main bottling plant line. Heat pumps used as a replacement to previous paraffin steam boiler system.

Toyota South Africa, Prospecton Durban

Hot Water Heat Pump

Toyota South Africa

Variety of hot water heat pump Installations across the manufacturing plant, providing hot water to a staff complement of over 3500 employees.

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