Solar makes sense. For us at Magnet, this is obvious. If we had our way, every last rooftop in the country would be outfitted with solar. However, the reality of the situation is that solar doesn’t make sense for everyone. The ultimate question is whether the advantages of solar power outweigh the disadvantages.

If you‘re on the fence about installing a solar solution for your home or business, then give our article a quick read. We’re aiming to give an honest assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of solar to help you decide if it’s a good fit for you…

Some advantages of solar energy

1. Energy independence
If you need a solution for load shedding, then back-up power is the way to go. If you want to embark on a journey towards going green and reducing your dependence on the grid, then a solar solution is the best option.

2. Eliminate your electricity bill
One less bill, one less problem. With a properly sized solar system, you can drastically reduce or completely eliminate your electric bill. If this is your priority, then consider the different types of solar systems, perhaps an off-grid solar system is an option for you.

3. Solar Tax breaks
What makes the switch to solar even more attractive, is the fact that South African businesses can qualify for a solar energy tax break (Section 12B).

Some disadvantages of solar energy

1. Expensive to get started
The up-front cost is the main barrier to going solar. Of course, you’re typically paying for 25 years of energy production up front. However, there are a few solar funding options available.

2. Energy storage is expensive
are the single most expensive component to a solar power system. Not all systems require batteries, but they become mandatory when you go off the grid. They are also required if you need to supply back-up power to your grid-tied property.

3. Solar needs space
Solar installations take up space. Most people opt for a roof mount solar system because it takes advantage of space that would otherwise go unused. Before investing in a system, consider whether or not your roof is suitable, and even consider whether a ground mount is a more feasible option.

Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

Solar pros and cons

Talk to the experts

We always advocate the importance of due diligence, and consulting with the experts when considering a solar solution. Do as much research as possible and talk to others you know of that have already made the investment.

Still not sure? Then contact us. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, clear any design hurdles and help you decide if solar makes sense for you!