If you’re in the market for a UPS, read our quick article to learn UPS basics, the type of protection they offer, and what important considerations you should keep front of mind when selecting a UPS…

What is a UPS?

An uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source (UPS) is a device that:
1. Provides back-up power when utility power fails, either long enough for critical equipment to shut down gracefully so that no data is lost, or long enough to keep required loads operational until a generator comes online.

2. Conditions incoming power so that all-too-common sags and surges do not damage sensitive electronic gear.

What protection does a UPS offer?

UPS Systems have three different levels of protection that they offer:

1. Offline UPS systems
- acts as a battery back-up
- predominantly for residential use

2. Line interactive UPS system
- offer automatic voltage regulation and power surge protection
- maintains the power output to equipment at normal levels
- takes over when the power goes out
- the amount of output from a line interactive UPS depends on its kVA Rating

3. Online double conversion UPS system
- the highest level of UPS protection
- used to protect equipment that is vital to business operations such as IT suites and data centres
- have a zero changeover time as they provide a constant, pure sine wave electrical supply to equipment

What to consider when selecting a UPS?

It is important to ask the right questions when it comes to deciding on a back-up power supply. Here are three important questions you should consider:

1. What equipment do you need a UPS to protect?
- consider how important the equipment is that you want to protect, common items include security systems and servers
- you may need to back-up expensive equipment, whereas only a safe shut down is essential for other equipment
- also consider the duration for which the equipment will require UPS power

2. What is the equipment’s current electrical draw?
- consider how much power is drawn from each of the items your UPS will need to protect

3. How much space do you have? 
- UPS systems can be range from oversized and cumbersome, to petite and compact. It all depends on the type and quantity of equipment you need to protect, and you may be limited to the amount of space you can allocate the storage of UPS systems.



For businesses to operate optimally, a back-up power solution should definitely be considered. Turn to a UPS system for the dual protection of offering back-up power, and conditioning incoming power to your sensitive or critical equipment.

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