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DOWNLOAD | Size your System with our Power Profile Tool

Do you need to size your system, but don't know where to start? Then download our Power Profile Tool - it's designed to assist you in determining the correct inverter and battery sizes for your specific application. Once you’ve sized up your load, contact us for your solar or back-up power solution! Click here to download our Power Profile tool now!  

NEW SERIES | Batteries - Sizing and Selection

  In the first article of this series, we outlined the differences between the main types of batteries – Lead Acid and Lithium-ion: 1. Lead Acid This type of battery has been used for solar energy storage since the very beginning, and it continues to be a popular choice. There is a flooded lead-acid option, and its counterpart, sealed lead-acid. In sum, lead acid batteries require regular maintenance and they have a longer charge time. 2. Lithium-ion Lithium-ion batteries are considered to be the most efficient battery type. However, they are not cheap – these batteries generally carry the…

NEW SERIES | Batteries - Understanding Batteries

  If you’re considering a solar or back-up power solution for your home or facility, important factors to bear in mind are battery types and selection thereof. In this new series, we’ll be giving you a basic understanding of the various types of batteries which could be used in solar and back-up power systems. We'll also be sharing some advice on how to choose the right battery for your system, and much more. Don't miss out, subscribe to our newsletters now! Types of batteries Batteries enable you to store energy, to use on demand. Solar and back-up power systems use batteries, and this…

Download our Solar & Back-Up Power Catalogue now!

Volume 1 of our Solar and Back-Up Power Catalogue is available to download now! Do you need a solar or back-up power kit, then have a look at our catalogue... It’s filled with our best selection of back-up power kits, hybrid kits and grid-tied kits. Click here to download your copy now!  

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