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READ | The Tier System for rating solar panel manufacturers

If you’re serious about running an efficient household or commercial property, then it’s imperative to select the right solar panels. Panels differ in manufacturing quality and output, and for most, the purchase decision hinges on finding a good balance between affordability and quality. Panels are not all created equal, making the choice of brand vital. Consider turning to tier 1 solar panel manufacturers first. Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers are defined as those that: • Have been producing solar panels for 5 years or more • Are either publicly listed on a stock exchange or have a strong…

LEARN | Understanding Solar Panels

If you’re considering investing in a solar system, the best place to start is by educating yourself... In this article, we’re giving you a basic understanding of the types of solar panels. What is a solar panel? A ‘solar panel’ is a commonly used term for a Photovoltaic (PV) module. It is an assembly of PV cells mounted or housed in a framework for installation. Inside this framework is a silicone cell protected by a thick and clear sheet of protective glass. A collection of PV modules is called a PV or solar panel, and a system of panels is referred to as an array. How do solar panels…

LEARN | Solar Funding Models

If you’re looking into investing in a solar system, first consider this important question… How will you fund the installation? In this article, we’re discussing the different financial models to fund solar systems.   There are 3 solar funding models in the market: 1. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) 2. Lease 3. Outright purchase Obviously models do vary, but the fundamentals are generally the same. Familiarise yourself with the pro’s and con’s we’re highlighting in each option, and decide which is the most suitable way forward for your solar investment… Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)…

LEARN | The World of Inverters

The inverter is a fundamental part of every solar or back-up power installation. Hence, understanding this piece of equipment is important in ensuring you choose the right inverter for your application. In this article, we’re taking you into the world of inverters - giving you a basic understanding of what inverters are, and describing the different types of inverters. Understanding inverters Before discussing what inverters are, it is important to first understand that there are two types of electricity – alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). At home, appliances are designed to…

READ | Switch to Solar and take advantage of Tax Breaks

Have you considered a solar energy solution for your business? Your business is at the mercy of Eskom – that’s not news. But there is a solution that’s become too appealing to ignore… Solar Energy. What makes the switch to solar even more viable, is the fact that South African businesses can qualify for a solar energy tax break. Use solar energy tax breaks to boost your returns! Section 12B of the Income Tax Act (No 58 of 1962) was amended in 2016 in order to make an allowance for the depreciation of specific solar installations. The accelerated depreciation allowance, as per the amendment,…


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