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READ | Back-Up We Go!

  In a previous article, we gave a huge thumbs up to back-up power. We answered some common questions around what these systems comprise of and how they work. We continue our vote of confidence for back-up power by addressing some more burning questions around the duration a system can run for, installation and maintenance. Take a quick moment to read this article and learn more! What is the importance of sizing the system? Backup time is largely determined by the size of the connected battery bank and the load drawn from the system – they are directly proportionate. Backup time is typically…

Confused about what Back-Up Power Solution is for You?

You're probably well-aware that the power instability issue in our country is likely not to be resolved in the near future. This in mind, you may want to consider a Back-Up Power solution... Fortunately, this doesn't have to be an intimidating decision - just follow these simple steps:  1. Use our POWER PROFILE TOOL to determine the load you need to back-up 2. DOWNLOAD our Back-Up Power Catalogue, or visit the MAGNET STORE to view the solutions we have to offer. 3. CHAT to us, we’re here to help you decide on a system that’s right for your specific application. It's that easy! We…

READ | Smart Meters vs Analogue Meters

How certain are you that you’re being billed accurately for your electricity consumption? In this article, we compare smart meters to analogue meters. We outline the working principle of a smart meter, and discuss their pros and cons for both the consumer and the electric utility. What are meters used for? An electric meter is used to measure how much electricity is being consumed in a residential or commercial building. It provides data on the amount of electricity consumed to power the lights, heating and cooling systems or any electrical device installed in your home or facility. These meters…

READ | Unpacking the 15% Tariff Increase

  The cost of electricity is increasing. Coupled with the financial impact of the pandemic and the instability of our power supply, the rising cost of electricity is certainly a matter not to be ignored. In this article, we give an overview of the latest tariff increase that was approved by the Gauteng High Court, how much it will cost, as well as the reasoning behind the increase. We also discuss the impact on the vulnerable industrial sectors, and pose solutions to lessen the impact of the rising electricity costs.  The tariff increase explained South Africans are expected to experience a…

READ | Don't be caught in the dark!

  Load shedding is back! If you have not invested in a back-up power system yet, you will definitely need to know the answers to these important questions at all times: 1. When it is likely that load shedding will next take place? The outlook for the country’s power system can be monitored in the following ways: Notices on the Eskom website Eskom App “MyEskom” – free download from apple, windows mobile and android Eskom on Facebook and Twitter Eskom’s Bi-weekly Power Bulletin information notices Power Alert updates on television Information distributed to the local media 2. Is load…


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