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LEARN | Do you know the energy output of your solar panels?

This is an excellent question. If you have a solar system, you would definitely want to know your return on the investment. In this quick article, we will share with you the tools needed to calculate the amount of power your panels output. We will also mention some of the criteria that may affect solar panel efficiency. What is the Standard Test Condition Rating? When choosing a solar panel, you would have referred to the Standard Test Condition (STC) rating to ensure the panel can generate the required amount of energy. The STC rating is indicated by a number listed on the back of the panel.…

READ | The Importance of Measuring Solar Radiation

If you’re considering a solar installation for your home or facility, you may want to consider learning about measuring solar radiation. Why is this important? Because the design of your solar system (type and quantity of PV panels, etc.) is affected by the amount of sunlight present in the location of your installation at a given time. In this article, we take a look at solar radiation, global solar radiation and the methods to measure solar radiation.  What is solar radiation? Solar radiation is often defined as the energy reaching the earth from the sun. A large part of this is visible sunlight,…

NEW SERIES | Understanding Net Metering - Part 3

We're wrapping up our series on Net Metering by taking a closer look at Kwa-Zulu Natal. What progress has been made in integrating Small-Scale Electricity Generation (SSEG) into the local electricity network? Read our article to find out more.  Did you miss out on previous articles in our Net Metering series? Click below to catch up now: Part One - what is net metering, how does it work and what are its benefits? Part Two - learn more about the device used in net metering Net Metering in Kwa-Zulu Natal eThekwini municipality will be launching a pilot program to enable the integration of Small-Scale…

NEW SERIES | Understanding Net Metering - Part 2

In our NEW series, we’re unpacking net metering. Part One outlines what net metering is, how it works and its benefits.   In Part Two, we discuss the device used in net metering... Watch this space to catch the full series! The Device used in Net Metering A four-quadrant meter is used to record energy consumption and send readings electronically to the supplier. It is used when there is an alternative source of electricity like solar, wind or biomass that is installed alongside the main grid supply. How Does a Four Quadrant Meter Work? Firstly, it is required to understand the different types…

NEW SERIES | Understanding Net Metering - Part 1

The ever rising cost of electricity coupled with the implementation of Load Shedding in South Africa endorses the need of alternative solutions to power up your home or business... Is it possible for these alternative solutions to pay you back whilst saving you money and reducing downtime? In this NEW series, we introduce you to the concept of net metering. This initial article discusses what net metering is, describes how it works and outlines its benefits.  Follow the series as we unfold more about the device used in metering, and where KwaZulu-Natal currently stands with regards to incentivizing…


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