We guarantee system performance by designing specialised, bespoke solar and back-up power systems. Our projects are designed to enable system online monitoring, therefore we can guarantee results and measure performance. Use solar energy to seamlessly subsidise your grid usage.

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What’s the difference between Grid-Tied and Hybrid Solar Systems?

Grid-tied systems are interconnected to the local municipal power, and is typically made up of panels, inverters and the balance of systems (BOS). Grid-tied systems do not have batteries, and as such, they are more of an ideal solution for energy saving. A solution for load shedding is a Hybrid system. Hybrid systems are also interconnected to the local electrical authority, however, these systems have batteries as a back up. Read more about the different solar systems here…

Grid Tied Solar Systems Hybrid Solar Systems


Grid Tied Solar will solve my power supply problems

Grid Tied Systems shut down if there is not supply from the utility. If load shedding or power supply is a site issue, battery storage needs to be considered.

Going off the grid is financially viable

The savings in kWh will not pay the cost of the investment off in the life span of the system. Off grid is only financially viable when a site operates off a generator or needs reticulation installed to remote locations. This will change in the near future when storage technology comes down in price.

Solar will power my office during load shedding

Grid Tied system’s shut down if there is not supply from the utility. If load shedding or power supply is an issue, battery storage needs to be considered

Solar technology is new and still needs to prove itself

Solar power has been used commercially for over 35 years.

Hail will break the panels

Panels are tested with 2.5cm stones blasted at 80km per hour. Even in the country’s most prolific hail regions, hail very rarely will crack a solar panel.

Anyone can feed back into the grid

There are roughly 278 municipalities in South Africa, at the time of publication roughly 5 allow grid feedback. Grid Feedback is the way of the future, unfortunately it’s a work in progress.  

I can cover my entire roof with Solar PV panels to maximise power

Assuming your roof is strong enough, you can. However, your system should ALWAYS be sized according to your power needs, not you roof availability.

The output in my solar system in Durban is the same as in Johannesburg and Cape Town

Irradiation varies between geographic locations and roof orientation, each site needs to be simulated on recognized software to accurately predict power production.

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