Hazardous industrial locations have always demanded lighting fixtures that deliver utmost safety and dependable illumination for critical tasks. But some things are changing right before your eyes. Lighting designs in hazardous locations are increasingly responsible for energy efficiency and “green” operations to save money and precious resources.

LED lighting has come to hazardous locations, and the Mercmaster LED luminaire is setting the industry standard for safety, performance and efficiency.

The Appleton Mercmaster LED luminaire delivers exceptional efficiency, performance and advanced engineering. In day-to-day use, installation and maintenance, the Mercmaster LED luminaire's superior design simply shines. Designed to utilize as little as 32 Watts of power lowers energy consumption while providing 60,000+ hours of running lamp life. The Mercmaster LED luminaires bring their energy-saving benefits to customers worldwide, setting the bar even higher for the lighting industry in terms of shock resistance, cold start capabilities, minimal heat production which improves service life, and overall safety.

This fixture offers a flexible, modular design that allows for retrofits and plant expansions to meet unique installation requirements. Certified for Class I, Division 2 / Zone 2 locations, it provides global lighting solutions for a wide range of industrial and hazardous applications while delivering the best photometric performance on the market. With such high efficacy ratings (lm/W), Mercmaster LED luminaires truly generate the energy savings customers have grown to expect.

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