We completed the installation of a Philips circadian rhythm lighting system at the head offices of Growthpoint Properties - the first project of its kind for Philips and Magnet in South Africa.

Circadian installation

This prestigious lighting installation, based on the human circadian rhythm, was an exciting challenge for us. In collaboration with Philips Lighting and Growthpoint Properties, our team designed and installed a circadian rhythm lighting system in all ground floor meeting rooms at Growthpoint’s Johannesburg head office. The mandate for this project encompassed selection of an energy efficient lighting system, with modern aesthetics, to enhance work productivity and the well-being of the building’s occupants.

This environmentally-friendly project – our first local installation of circadian rhythm lighting - showcases Growthpoint’s commitment to innovative and green buildings. Visitors and staff are impressed with the ambience of this LED lighting system, which simulates natural daylight and provides excellent visibility for office work functionality.

This circadian rhythm lighting system replicates daylight rhythms, with dynamic light levels and tones that change throughout the day. This advanced technology has numerous health benefits and occupants of the building will feel more alert, be more productive and benefit from working in a more natural lighting environment. Fine-tuned soft white lighting helps occupants relax, while bright white light assists occupants to remain focused and feel energised.

Lighting for circadian systems requires different metrics from those used for conventional architectural lighting. In specifying lighting for this circadian system, the team needed to evaluate the required light levels of the meeting rooms and spectral composition, as well as timing and duration of lighting exposure. Consideration was also given to prior light levels, uniformity, glare and Kelvin temperatures, that occupants of the building have become accustomed to.


Components of the Philips PowerBalance Tunable White circadian system installed, consist of kits for dynamic lighting functionality for biorhythm support and natural daylight; kits with a scene-setting functionality and sensors for presence detection and daylight dependent regulation. Touch panels and push button units enable personal control of lighting, according to work needs.

This lighting system has automated pre-set curves, which control the intensity and colour temperature throughout the day, each with its own characteristics. The biorhythm support curve is designed to strengthen the circadian system and improve the sleep-wake cycle, resulting in improved health, increased daytime wakefulness and a better state of mind. The natural daylight curve follows the dynamics of daylight and provides a connection with the outdoor, while boosting energy levels and performance of those inside the office during the day.

For example, at the start of a work day, illuminance levels are increased to 500 lux to increase alertness and improve performance. Bright light keeps people energised throughout the day, stabilising the sleep-wake cycle and preventing unnatural delays in sleep onset in the evening. Illuminance levels are increased slightly later in the day to enhance visual performance, stimulate mood and strengthen the body clock. Light levels and colour temperatures are reduced later in the day to prepare people to switch from the work to home environment.

Werner van Antwerpen of Growthpoint Properties had this to say about the new lighting installation: “Innovation, green buildings and increasing staff productivity within our tenant space, have always been a main focus within Growthpoint. With this pilot project, we are again pushing the boundaries of implementing innovation within our buildings.”

This human-centric lighting system also provides excellent solutions in other environments, including healthcare establishments, schools and hotels. In the healthcare sector, lighting professionals are able to create a more effective healing environment using the natural power of light.

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