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The third edition of SANS10142-1 (The wiring of premises Part 1: LV installations) has recently been published. In this article, we’ll outline why the standard was revised, along with the most important changes made.

What is SANS 10142-1?

This South African standard is referenced for all forms of low voltage electrical installations. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act) deems it compulsory for electrical installations to comply with all requirements of the standard.

Moreover, the OHS Act stipulates that a registered professional (Master Installation Electrician, installation electrician or an electrical tester for single phase) issue a Certificate of Compliance for an electrical installation, in line with the requirements of the standard.

What brought about the revision to SANS 10142-1?

Aside from requirements being out of date, the standard was intentionally revised to better align it to international norms. International technologies used in South Africa need to be verified and aligned with our local conditions.

Who should pay particular attention to the changes?

You should definitely familiarise yourself with the updated standard if you are an electrician, tester, electrical contractor, engineer, technician and the like. Educational bodies and people working in the electrical industry at large should all be well-acquainted with the changes as briefly outlined below.

What are the major changes that have been made?

  • Introduction of arc fault detection devices in electrical installations.
  • Introduction of an annex to provide information on how to perform neutral earth resistance tests.
  • Modification of resistance of earth continuity conductor requirements.
  • Introduction of lightning protection requirements, as well as an informative annex which refers to SANS 10313 and SANS 62305 series.
  • Modification of electrical installation test reports in hazardous locations.

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Where can you get the latest SANS 10142-1 from?

The latest standard can be purchased from the SABS store.

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"Latest edition (3) of the wiring code (SANS 10142-1) published"

Erika Van Zyl
14 September 2020