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Thanks to Eaton’s new control relay generation - easyE4

Eaton Easy E4

Our extensive range of Eaton products and solutions includes the easyE4. Eaton’s easyE4 is a true all-rounder and the ideal choice for anyone looking to implement control tasks with as little effort as possible—from installers in building installations, to automation engineers in machine building applications.

Easy future-proof connectivity

easyE4‘s simple handling and the intuitive easySoft 7 programming software makes it possible to implement simple control tasks, as well as more comprehensive configurations with high process efficiency. The integrated Ethernet interface also gives users access to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and makes their machines and installations future-proof.

Fast response times

For maximum flexibility, each easyE4 base unit comes with four digital outputs, four analog/digital inputs, and four fast digital inputs that can be used, for example, to implement high-performance counters. In conjunction with the NET feature, the control relay is therefore able to achieve response times that rival those of a micro-controller.

Unlimited possibilities with easy combinations

With the help of expansion modules, each base unit can be expanded to up to 188 I/Os—which sets a new standard for compact controllers.

Easy reduction of stocking costs

With a total of 14 configurations of base unit and expansion modules, Eaton has optimized the number of available versions compared to the previous series, whilst still expanding the scope of the application. This leads to a significant reduction in purchasing and warehousing costs.

easySoft 7 makes it even easier

easySoft 7 is intuitive to operate, so that programming easyE4 poses no challenges at all and users can choose between four programming languages.

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