eaton c441 Motor Insight

Take control of your process with Eaton’s C441 Motor Insight motor protection relays

Magnet’s extensive range of Eaton products and solutions includes the C441 Motor Insight overload relays. This advanced low-voltage motor protection relay, with embedded intelligence, helps you save energy, optimize maintenance schedules and configure greater system protection - reducing overall costs and downtime.

Core features of C441 Motor Insights protection relays include:

  • The ability to calculate power enables you to not only monitor motor performance, but also load performance and energy consumption. It is the perfect relay for system critical loads, pump loads and energy-conscious customers.
  • FLA range of 1–540 A with two-part numbers; selectable trip class (5–30)
  • Power source options: Line powered at 170–264 Vac, 323–528 Vac, 489–660 Vac; separate source single-phase control power at 93.5–132 Vac
  • Motor protection: thermal overload; jam/stall protection; current level alarming; current unbalance; current phase-loss; residual ground fault; phase-reversal; overvoltage; under-voltage; voltage imbalance
  • Load (pump) protection: Undercurrent, low power, high power
  • Monitoring capabilities: Current-average and phase rms; voltage-average and phase rms; power-motor kW; power factor; frequency; thermal capacity; run hours; starts; ground fault current; current unbalance percentage; voltage unbalance percentage; time to restart
  • Communications: Modbus, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, Ethernet/IP (consult factory), Modbus TCP (consult factory)

Advanced features: 

  • Programmable reset/backspin timers;
  • programmable acceleration start cycle;
  • programmable fault vs. alarm prioritization;
  • individual trip delays;
  • lockable user interface;
  • scaled current readings;
  • 10-fault queue diagnostics with full word explanation

Take control of your process:

C441 Motor Insight gives you the ability to better understand the dynamics of your system by providing the information you need to keep your motors running at their highest possible potential.

It is important to keep your systems running at peak performance, while maintaining the integrity of your application - that is exactly what C441 Motor Insight is designed to do!

We are a Premium Distributor of Eaton products in South Africa and boast in-depth product knowledge and technical expertise.


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