Safety, innovation and technology – these words have become synonymous with the Marechal Electric brand and their extensive portfolio of low voltage electrical industrial plug and socket outlets. These words also accurately capture the essence of EVO, the world's first separable switch disconnector…

A customer’s pain point:

When it comes to industrial electrical equipment, it’s not a simple process to connect or disconnect a plug and socket outlet under load. There are several protocols to follow, such as:

- calling out a qualified electrician
- ensuring the electrician and his team are wearing the necessary PPE
- electrician can then locate the isolator
- isolate the isolator and test using the correct multi-meter tool to ensure there is no load/power
- once deemed safe, the plug and socket can then be disconnected for purposes such as performing maintenance

Plug and play with the EVO…

Marechal’s EVO “Twist & Switch Technology” affords you the ease and convenience of disconnecting and connecting under load without all the hassle, saving you valuable production time!

This innovative product is the world's first separable switch-disconnector, combining the functions of a switch, isolator and connector in a single device.

The EVO can be separated in two parts (supply and load) to allow the replacement of the electrical equipment it supplies, without unwiring or disconnecting the upstream power supply.

What makes the EVO safe and reliable?

1. Butt contact silver nickel spring loaded pressurised system
- A modern switchgear technology, as opposed to pin and sleeve technology inherited from domestic accessories, dating back to the early ages of electricity

2. Crimped Braids & Elastic Lock Terminals
- Provides contact performance and tolerances superior to traditional ‘pin and sleeve’ contacts
- Can withstand overloads, vibration, corrosion and variations of temperature

3. Safety Shutter
- The base is fitted with an interlocked safety shutter that prevents the access to live contacts
- This shutter only unlocks at the time of the connection of the plug into its base

A strong and durable separable switch disconnector for all your installations…
Turn to the EVO for 100% assured safety.

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