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REGISTER | FREE webinar on Current Limitation

We've teamed up with Schneider Electric to present to you a FREE webinar on Current Limitation!  Date: Friday 8 October 2021 Time: 10h00 - 11h00 Topic: Current Limitation Presenter: Leslie Monk, Prescription Engineer (SA) Learning Outcomes: - understanding current-limitation technology - application of current-limitation technology in a design - correct utilization of LV switchgear - building block to understanding Cascading, Discrimination, and Type 2 Coordination   Exciting News! There will be a live lucky draw for attendees to win some awesome prizes Each participant will receive a Certificate…

PRODUCT NEWS | Discover the Control Techniques Unidrive

Unidrive - High Performance, Scalable, Future-Proof AC/Servo Drive Solutions Control Techniques has set the standard in motor control since 1973. Every company has a flagship, a product that leads the charge. For Control Techniques, it's Unidrive - a high performance, universal AC/Servo drive series. Unidrive is the accumulation of almost half a century of motor control expertise, and it is the embodiment of what Control Techniques is all about. In 1996, Control Techniques was the first to integrate the control of multiple motor types into one physical product, from which the universal drive concept…

LEARN | Understanding 3-Phase Transformers pt 2

Welcome to part two in your guide on 3-Phase Transformers. In this NEW series, we’re unpacking the different types of these transformers, how they are connected, their advantages and disadvantages as well as a view on the protection they require. Stay tuned to catch the entire series! Part 1: Understanding Transformers and how they work Part 2: Advantages, disadvantages and types of 3-Phase Transformers What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a 3-Phase Transformer? The advantages of using 3-phase transformers are: The transformer requires less space and is easier to install. It weighs…

LEARN | Understanding 3-Phase Transformers pt 1

Welcome to your guide on 3-Phase transformers – what are they, what different types exist, how are they connected, what are their advantages and disadvantages and how do you protect them… We’re answering all these question in our NEW series. Don’t miss out, SUBSCRIBE to receive these newsletters straight to your inbox!   What are Transformers? A transformer is an electrical device that consists of two or more coils of wire that transfers electrical energy by means of a changing magnetic field. A voltage transformer is a static electro-magnetic device that works on the principle of Faraday’s…

Shop | Buy your electrical components and Back-Up Power online

Shop the Magnet Store to buy your electrical components and back-up power online! | Quickly access product information | Pricing and stock availability is at your fingertips | Quick and secure payment options Visit shop.magnetgroup.co.za now!   Click below to WATCH our launch video.   


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