TeSys Giga

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Schneider Electric - the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has recently announced the release of new generation of TeSys Giga series Motor Starters.

The iconic TeSys Giga series has been reimagined with the latest smart digital innovations to deliver a simpler, more sustainable, safe and secure customer experience for panel builders, consulting engineers, system integrators, facility managers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) further building on proven reliability and high electrical durability.

With 56 patents under the belt, TeSys Giga series Motor Starters is designed to serve the needs of the process machinery, water and wastewater, metals, minerals and mining as well as various manufacturing and processing industries.

It reduces engineering time and complexity, whilst improving machine reliability and driving down maintenance costs, reducing downtime through a number of unique benefits and features:

1. Modular design:

The unique set up enables easy replacement of spare parts, improving the reliability and robustness by up to 90% with up to 50% faster integration and commissioning time.

2. Compact footprint:

Compact design with 40% size reduction to enable optimal cabinet installation space.

3. Self-diagnosis:

Predictive maintenance can be achieved through contact wear diagnostic and coil over/under voltage detection. A unique calculation method provides a more precise status, significantly reducing the downtime and optimising site operation with tips wear level indicator, coil under/over voltage indicator, internal fault indicator, and contractor open & close status indicator. This feature significantly maximises resilience and uptime for an efficient site operation.

4. Full-scale protection:

Initial settings guarantee a safe customer journey when it comes to overload relay protection, including overload protection, ground fault protection, and phase imbalance protection.

5. QR Codes:

Delivers technical documents, technical video guides, and counterfeit safeguards which improve customer experience.

6. Highly reliable and ready for harsh environments:

Improved auxiliary contacts (17V, 1mA, 10-8) enable better reliability in harsh environment and conform to high density PLC input applications

With the release of this innovative product, Schneider continues to deliver ground-breaking digital innovation addressing customers’ most pressing needs.

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