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Our extensive range of Eaton electrical products and solutions includes the C445 Series of motor management relays.



The Power Xpert C445 global motor management relay is Eaton’s most advanced offering in the C400 series. Customizable control functionality, extensive on-board communications and superior diagnostics make C445 ideal for critical applications where uptime is key. An intuitive interface allows users to safely access all that C445 has to offer - including fault diagnostics, motor system monitoring, and parameter viewing or setting.

C445 is fully configurable, providing the highest level of monitoring accuracy and protection for the entire power system - from the incoming power source feeding the motor, all the way to the individual pump or load. By utilizing integrated energy and power usage analytics, users can save energy costs through increased awareness of energy use at the individual load level.

Due to its unrivalled compact size and modular format, the C445 allows for easy integration into motor control centres as well as OEM control panels. By separating the monitoring and control functionality into separate modules, users can customize mounting to their individual application. The combined mounting option provides a complete system just 45 mm wide and 80 mm high for applications up to 45 amps.

Unlike a traditional overload relay, a motor management relay can both control and protect the motor. This eliminates the need to wire dedicated circuits to achieve desired control functionality. Based on this smaller size and flexible control capability, users can reduce costs and improve system flexibility through simplified wiring, smaller enclosure footprint and seamless field modifications as systems evolve over time.

C445 was designed with ease of use and user safety in mind. Users can monitor and configure data parameters without opening the door by using a variety of communication network options, web pages, a free software tool or the easy user interface.

C445 can be integrated into almost any PLC and DCS system through integrated Ethernet/IP, ModbusTCP, PROFIBUS and Modbus Serial. Free tools like Add-On Instructions and EIP-Assist make adding C445 to Ethernet/IP networks fast and error free. For non-fieldbus users, C445’s intelligence is still easy to leverage with the user interface or free Power Xpert inControl software.

Core features of the Power Xpert C445 intelligent motor management relays

  • User-definable alarm, trip levels and programmable delays provide the most protection while avoiding downtime and nuisance tripping
  • No fuss commissioning using Quick Start Wizard 
  • Simple mounting of the operator interface with standard pilot device holes for safe device access outside the motor control centre door
  • Monitor critical motor data without setting up a network or connecting a PC 
  • View and edit all protection, control, communication and user interface settings 
  • Automatic fault identification helps address issues as they occur without the need to interpret cryptic fault codes
  • Use optional control buttons as a simple local control source for any starter operation mode with no wiring required 
  • Standard micro USB port connects to Eaton’s PC tool, Power Xpert inControl. Upload and save configuration files for reuse and record keeping. Access the PC tool for free.
  • Power and efficiency monitoring increase energy awareness
  • User is able to define ground fault detection level
  • Voltage loss restart provides automatic revival after outage


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