Although Solar seems like new technology, it isn’t. Solar PV has been used in commercial applications since the 1980’s. However, with cost of technology coming down and the cost of energy constantly going up, we have only really seen a financial attraction over the last 5 years in South Africa. Now with load shedding, that appeal has expanded to the reliability of power supply. Whatever your attraction, we see several rookie errors repeatedly made in both residential and commercial solar.

Over the next few weeks, we will tackle each of these mistakes. Don’t miss out on our articles and quick videos... Watch this space!

Mistake 1Not assessing where you can become more energy efficient before installing PV

It is essential to become energy efficient before you install PV, or at the very least, calculate the efficiencies that will be gained in the near future and then reduce that from your current load to correctly size the solar system.

Often the costs to become more energy efficient will be offset by the reduction on required solar system size.

Remember, there are 278 municipalities in South Africa, roughly 5 of them allow grid feedback. So installing a system that over-produces energy will not benefit you if you are in one of the 273 municipalities...

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Solar array on roof


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