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END OF SERIES | 7 Common Mistakes of Solar (part 5)

We’re wrapping up our Solar Mistakes series by discussing the 7th rookie error – which is probably the most important one yet! Did you catch previous episodes in the series? Click below to catch up on our articles and videos now! Mistake 1 | Not assessing where you can become more energy efficient before installing PV Mistake 2 | Confusing off-grid and grid-tied solar systems Mistake 3 | Thinking that DIY solar is easy Mistake 4 | Not considering load shedding Mistake 5 | Thinking that solar is a bad investment Mistake 6 | Thinking that a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a great concept  …

CASE STUDY | Circadian Rhythm Lighting Installation at Growthpoint

We completed the installation of a Philips circadian rhythm lighting system at the head offices of Growthpoint Properties - the first project of its kind for Philips and Magnet in South Africa. This prestigious lighting installation, based on the human circadian rhythm, was an exciting challenge for us. In collaboration with Philips Lighting and Growthpoint Properties, our team designed and installed a circadian rhythm lighting system in all ground floor meeting rooms at Growthpoint’s Johannesburg head office. The mandate for this project encompassed selection of an energy efficient lighting…

The Quality of Lighting part 5 | The Economics of Light

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve uncovered factors that contribute to the Quality of Lighting. These factors include: - Lighting Levels - Spatial distribution of light - Directionality of light - Colour of light Click on items from the list above to view articles from previous weeks. This week, we’re wrapping up the series by delving into the economics of light. This topic tackles the financial considerations of a lighting installation. We will also touch on the effect of lighting on the environment.   Economics of Light Characteristics of a bad lighting installation Lighting installed…

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NEW SERIES | 7 Common Solar Mistakes (part 4)

In our new series, we’re tackling 7 rookie mistakes that are often made when it comes to investing in a solar solution.   Did you miss our previous articles in the series? Click below to catch up now: - Solar mistakes part 1 - Solar mistakes part 2 - Solar mistakes part 3   This week, we’re exploring mistakes 5 and 6. Be sure to watch our quick video, and read the article below! Solar installation Magnet completed for Grid Group, Durban   Mistake 5 | Thinking that solar is a bad investment Whether its Grid-tied, Hybrid or Off-Grid, solar is not a small investment. However, with the long…

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