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READ | What appliances can be connected to a Back-Up Power System?

We’re talking all things back-up power. If you missed it, catch up on previous articles now: 1. Introduction to back-up power and how it works 2. The importance of sizing a system, installation and maintenance Not sure which appliances you can connect to your system, and which items you will need to do without during load shedding? In this quick article, we outline the appliances that you can safely connect to a typical back-up power system, along with the items that you should avoid connecting…. Do: You should be able to connect the following appliances to a typical inverter system. However,…

PRODUCT NEWS | BradyJet J4000 Colour Label Printer

High impact, precision full colour that lasts Create a safer, more efficient workplace with compliant, photo-quality full-colour labels, signs and procedures that last. Balance the complexity of safety and compliance labels with the demands of an industrial environment while reducing your safety signage inventory and material waste. Overview This industry inkjet workhorse creates up to 5,000 impactful full-colour labels per day up to 203.20 mm wide on continuous or die-cut material Ideal for a wide variety of applications in safety, including Lean / 5S, lockout tagout, instructional or safety…

PRODUCT NEWS | A-eberle's PQI-DA smart & PQI-DE

Monitor own, defined limit values Using the measurement supervision, a-eberle offers the user the possibility to measure exactly what he needs. With this function, up to 32 different measured values can be monitored for individually defined limits. In addition to the pure limit value, it is also possible to set the switch-off limit value depending on an individual hysteresis. The measured value monitoring is particularly interesting for transfer in industry on the one hand and for renewable energy sources on the other. For whom is the measurement observer of interest? From triggering a 10 ms power…

PRODUCT NEWS | Klingspor's A960TZ Special

A 960 TZ Special – thin cutting-off wheel for stainless steel The A 960 TZ Special, which Klingspor sells in the protective Kronenflex Box, is a thin cutting-off wheel for work on stainless steel steel cast material mineral-based material This wheel manages to convince with ultra-long service life and exceptional hardness. One of the key benefits of this product is its burr-free cut, a feature that is intended to please professional users in particular. These qualities make the A 960 TZ Special the perfect choice for distinctly challenging jobs. Since this cutting-off wheel is hard and free…

LEARN | Sustainable Energy for Industry

Navigating the World of Sustainability for a Better Future The breakout of novel coronavirus in March 2020 has impacted almost all sectors of our society, be it healthcare, educational, or industrial. Steadily, every country is awakening to the importance of a clean, healthy, and sustainable future. In this article, we will bring under purview why it is imperative for industries to switch to sustainable energy. First, let us begin by understanding the meaning of sustainable energy, also known as renewable energy, and how it can contribute to creating a cleaner and eco-friendly future.   What…


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