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Magnet on the 1st Tee

Schneider put on another well organised golf day. The event was held at Mount Edgecombe Country Club and was enjoyed by nearly 100 Schneider customers and distributors. (Above:) Magnet’s marketing department set up on the 1st tee, providing the golfers with some snacks and giveaways. (Above:)  Magnet's Managing Director, Brian Howarth and Technical Manager, Stephan Allen represented Magnet Durban in a four ball.

Special Achievement Award

  Emerson Special Achievement Award 2010 Magnet's Managing Director recently attended the Emerson Award Ceremony in Dubai, where Magnet was honoured with a special achievement award for excellence in marketing of their ATX product range in South Africa.

Sources Of Renewable Energy For The Home

With the increasing focus on global warming and potential future oil shortages, people are starting to think more about renewable energy sources. This is important, because there are many ideas that with the proper impetus behind them, could go a long ways towards alleviating both the environmental and social problems related to power. But only a tiny percentage of these ideas are actually in use or being implemented. Almost everyone purchases their electricity from the electric company. In some areas there is a choice of companies, and in others there is only one. Regardless, people are limited…

The Need For Solar Energy

Why do we need new energy sources? The fact is that fossil fuels, that is fuels formed by squashed decomposing organisms in the earth’s crust like oil, coal and gas are running out; and quickly. All of the fossil fuel reserves took about 650 million years to form and we’re going to have used the whole lot up in 300 years! Fossil fuels have without doubt been the most important part of the industrial and technological revolutions. The reason they were so special was the energy density they provide, that is the amount of energy per unit mass was so high. If you’re under 40, there’s a fairly…

Generate Your Own Free Electricity

If you've ever got a monstrous electricity bill in your mailbox, then the idea of free electricity is something you might be interested in. Especially as from here on out, electricity bought from the power company is just going to get more and more expensive as shortening supplies of oil and political instability in the producing countries make supplies uncertain. Wouldn't it be so much nicer to generate your own electricity and become energy independent? You could leave the air conditioner and other appliances on all day long and not have to worry about how much its going to cost you when the…