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Dusi 2012 - The Magnet Missile

Magnet Project Manager, Brett Jones represented Magnet in the 2012 Dusi, in the "Magnet Missile". Congratulations Brett for a fantastic job on completing another Dusi Marathon.  

Guidelines for Issuing a Certificate of Compliance - OSHACT & SANS 10142-1

Brian Bilton, former Durban Electricity Wiring Inspector and Technical Advisor and Training Manager ECA(SA) KZN, will be running a 1 day training course on "Guidelines for Issuing a Certificate of Compliance in terms of: OSHACT and SANS 10142-1. The 1 day course will be held in Durban 17 February 2012 and Richards Bay 23 February 2012.

Magnet teams up with the KZN Blind Society

Members from the KZN Society for the Blind in Durban are assisting Magnet with its current Eskom project - a joint initiative to save energy through the use of energy saving showerheads and water restrictors for taps. Above image: Members of the KZN Blind Society packing energy saving  showerheads, ready to be delivered to site for installation. “We are pleased to be able to provide employment to members of the Society for the Blind. The team has already prepared over 8 000 energy saving devices for installation,” says Brian Howarth, managing director, Magnet. “Tasks include fitting showerheads…

Conventional vs Energy Saving - Showerhead Exchange

 Magnet held a "Showerhead Exchange" day at their Durban premises. Magnet staff came to work with their conventional showerheads (from home) and exchanged them for new energy saving showerheads. These Energywise energy saving showerheads will maintain a pleasurable shower flow rate, however they use less water per minute resulting in electricity and water savings.   To arrange a Showerhead Exchange at your offices contact Peter Gaal: Tel: 031 274 1997 Cell: 082 441 2938

Energy Saving Showerhead Rollout

“Magnet, in partnership with Energywise, has been contracted by Eskom to distribute and install new energy saving showerheads to organisations with multiple shower facilities, at no cost to approved applicants,” says Brian Howarth, managing director, Magnet. “This energy saving programme, which is aimed at organisations through the country in sectors that include mining, industrial, Government, educational, corporate and commercial sectors, is expected to save 330 Gigawatt hours of energy over three years. This is energy equivalent to that of lighting up to 12 500 km’s of road and water…