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Showerhead Standard Product Offer

Magnet Group - Energywise has recently completed a Performance Contract with Eskom, for the roll out of energy-saving showerheads. Owing to the success of the program, we are continuing with the roll out, in accordance with the Standard Offer Program (SOP). As such, we can supply and install these showerheads free of charge, if we can verify potential energy savings. For companies who have onsite shower facilities, we will need to conduct the following: An audit (test the flow rate of your existing showers, understand the showering habits and the heating system in use) to determine if they qualify…

Magnet keeps ahead of current thinking!

Magnet has formalised their long-standing relationship with Energywise Lighting Systems by welcoming them to the Magnet Group of Companies. Energywise has joined Magnet with view to a new venture in lighting. In recent times, there has been a remarkable shift to digital lighting, and we plan to take advantage of this by developing our own range of Magnet/Energywise lighting fixtures using the latest in LED, Fluorescent and HID technology. Our primary focus will be centred on energy-saving and developing innovative ways to promote energy efficiency. In pursuit of this new range, the first step…

Training calendar for 2013

Magnet has a full training calendar prepared for 2013. With topics including solar technology, power factor correction and the fundamentals of lighting, there is definitely a course of interest to you! Our seminars take place between 08h30 and 15h00, and include snacks, lunch and beverages. Moreover, each delegate receives a course manual and is issued with a certificate of attendance, which entitles the delegate to CPD accreditation. Furthermore, take advantage of our "5 for the price of 4" offer - pay for 4 delegates and the 5th delegate is free!  For more information on courses offered, as…

Magnet congratulates longest employee

After 35 years of dedicated and loyal service, Magnet was delighted to honour its longest employee with an afternoon of cake and champagne in celebration of his remarkable achievement. Since starting at Magnet on 2 February 1978, Inder Debipersad has been a committed employee who has made an invaluable contribution to the company. His professionalism, dedication and manner in which he deals with clients have made him a wonderful example for all employees to follow. “I am grateful for my time spent at Magnet. I have learnt a great deal and have many memories to cherish, however, I am sure that…

Go Green to save Green!

Saving energy can save you money! Here are a few easy tips for a Green Office, which you can follow to reduce energy wastage and help your company’s bottom line. Energy Efficient Lighting With the installation of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs is used! That means CFLs require less wattage to produce an equivalent amount of light, and CFLs last a longer time. In some tests, they burned brightly for 10 000 hours, whereas standard bulbs burned for just 800 to 1500 hours. Most importantly, they give off good light. Occupancy sensors Occupancy…