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Going Green in 2014!

“Going green”, a term come to popularity in recent years, is not as difficult a transition as one would imagine. Instead, there are a few minor adjustments you could make to everyday life that would make a world of a difference…literally. Here are some handy tips: Recycle – Recycling, something that cannot be stressed more, is a valuable contribution to the welfare of the environment. Did you know that glass can take up to one million years to decompose if incorrectly disposed? Divide your household garbage by type – glass, plastic, paper, etc. This makes it easier to recycle. Save energy…

Tin Tuesday

 Magnet's popular charity initiative "Tin Tuesday" resumed in May. Magnet donated 132 tins to Saint Giles, a non-profit organisation that seeks to support persons with various disabilities via programmes such as the Remedial Gymnasium and the Work Centre. At the Work Centre, disabled persons sort, pack and assemble products, such as spices and herbs. Saint Giles also runs a charity shop, which sells second-hand donated goods. Magnet is glad to have been able to assist Saint Giles, and we would like to encourage our clients to do the same. For more information, you can visit their website…

Is your plant safe?

Minimize the risk of accidents at your plant or facility by using Magnet's range of Lockout/Tagout products. By employing proper safety procedures, and utilizing our range of Lockout/Tagout products, you can ensure that your plant is safe! For more information, contact our sales team.

Magnet and Mitsubishi

Magnet will now be distributing products from the high-quality and well-trusted Mitsubishi brand. Contact our team of highly-efficient salesmen for more information!

Magnet's Special on Floodlights!

Take advantage of Magnet's Special offer on Die Cast Floodlights, while stocks last! For more information, contact our sales department.