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Energy Saving Showerhead Rollout

“Magnet, in partnership with Energywise, has been contracted by Eskom to distribute and install new energy saving showerheads to organisations with multiple shower facilities, at no cost to approved applicants,” says Brian Howarth, managing director, Magnet.

“This energy saving programme, which is aimed at organisations through the country in sectors that include mining, industrial, Government, educational, corporate and commercial sectors, is expected to save 330 Gigawatt hours of energy over three years. This is energy equivalent to that of lighting up to 12 500 km’s of road and water savings equivalent to filling up 160 home swimming pools every day.

“The benefit of participating in this venture is significant reductions in water and electricity accounts.

“This project involves an audit by Magnet of each successful applicant. Existing showerheads will be removed and replaced with low flow showerheads. A measurement and verification team from the University of Stellenbosch will conduct audits to verify energy savings.

“This contract means Eskom will pay the contracted company for kWh savings over a period of three years, with no costs for the user for the removal of existing inefficient showerheads and installation of new fittings.”

Conventional showers use an average of 125 litres of water, of which 60% is hot water. With the installation of Energywise showerheads, users can save up to 50% of electricity consumed to heat water.

An important feature of these low flow showerheads is they are easily fitted to an existing heat pump or solar system installation to enhance efficiency of the system. These energy saving showerheads are of high quality and ensure a maximum comfort level of the shower, even though the showerhead is using less water and electricity. These showerheads are also available in a vandal resistant design to prevent theft.

These energy efficient showerheads deliver between nine and 10 litres of water per minute, irrespective of the supply pressure. An additional opportunity to save hot water is to install tap restrictors, which deliver between three and six litres of water per minute and are easily fitted to existing taps.

Through this initiative, large organisations can also offer staff the opportunity to reduce water and electricity bills at home.

Magnet and Energywise welcome participation in this project by users of multi shower facilities.

CONTACT: Peter Gaal – Magnet Project Manager  Tel: 031 274 1997 Cell: 082 441 2938 Email:

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011